Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds

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Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds are nothing short of REVOLUTIONARYThe perfect wireless headphones for users who are always on the go or at the gym. Completely waterproof, completely immersive, completely YOU. The case can even be used to CHARGE YOUR PHONE.

Experience refined luxury comfort with best-in-class in-ear headphones. You’ll feel your music, not your headphones. 

Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds have been designed to deliver Active Noise Reduction for immersive sound. They connect magically to your iPhone or Android. And they're ready to use right out of the case.

Enjoy superior sound quality with innovative audio engineering for a rich, immersive listening experience. Listen to your music the way your favorite artists intended you to. 


•  Superior Sound Quality: A custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion driver delivers powerful bass. A super-efficient, high dynamic range amplifier produces pure, incredibly clear sound while also extending battery life. And Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to suit the shape of your ear for a rich, consistent listening experience

• All Day Battery: All day use. Case battery lasts 300 hours and can be used to charge both your earbuds and your phone

• Wireless Charging: No more worrying about wires. Enjoy fast wireless charging

• Easy Bluetooth Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 Ten Meter Transmission. Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds connect with iPhone & Android devices seamlessly. Simply take one or two earbuds out of the charging case and watch them automatically remember and connect with previously paired devices

• Water & Sweat Proof: Designed to support your lifestyle, wherever it may take you. Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds are deep waterproof, can soak in water, and are even suitable for swimming


Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds are incredibly light, noise-reducing headphones. They block out your environment so you can focus on what you're listening to. They use two microphones, an outward-facing microphone, and an inward-facing microphone, to create superior noise cancellation. By continuously adapting to the geometry of your ear and the fit of the ear tips, Active Noise Cancellation silences the world to keep you fully tuned in to your music, podcasts, and calls.


  • Curved-Ear, Ergonomic Design - This brand new design offers an even better listening experience with superior audio quality and a snug, polished fit.
  • Improved Audio - The wider design allows an even bigger driver to be fitted into each earphone. This allows for a deeper bass and higher mids/treble clarity.
  • Active Noise Reduction - Active noise reduction allows you to take a phone call or listen to music with very little ambient noise allowing for an even clearer audio.
  • Smart Sensor - This smart sensor allows for smart management of each earphone. Simply taking one out of your ear will automatically stop audio playback to that earphone.
  • One Touch Operation - Summon Siri, answer calls, switch music, and pause playback with the touch of a finger.


Hydro Plus Waterproof Earbuds

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